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    Back from the dark side! I was pulled in by Blender, and now dabbling in Unreal Engine, but Vue will always be a favorite 3D software program.

    Posted by Peggy Walters on 16th May 2023

    Been a Vue user since version 4. Stepped away for a bit, but between PlantCatalog and PlantFactory with all the lovely plants has brought me back home. Feels and looks different, but still familiar enough that it is easy to use.

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    Vue Creator

    Posted by Michael Böhme on 22nd Apr 2023

    Ich nutze Vue seit vielen Jahren, angefangen bei Vue 4 Infinite und zuletzt Vue 8 Infinite.
    Das Programm hat mir sowohl geholfen, Entwürfe für anschließend gemalte Bilder zu machen, als auch Computergrafiken, teilweise noch bearbeitet mit Photoshop.
    Der Erwerb eines neuen leistungsfähigeren Computers hat mich veranlasst nach neueren
    3d Programmen zu schauen, angefangen bei unreal engine oder DAZ, Bryce oder Terragen.
    Obwohl viele dieser Programme kostenlos sind, habe ich mich wegen der Vielfalt der Anwendungsmöglichkeiten und der leichten Bedienung für Vue Creator entschieden.
    Ganz besonders ist hierbei die freundliche und kompetente Hilfe des Service-Mitarbeiters Walther Beck hervorzuheben.
    Michael Böhme

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    Posted by BECK on 31st Mar 2023

    I find the price fair and the software stable.

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    Posted by Stewart Alan Hyde on 25th Mar 2023

    I have use Vue on and since the days of Vue 4. two concerns of recewnt products O - is 1. that the product is on subscription plan. I perfer products to be purchase amd of desired upgrade the product. Good example of this issues with Photoshop series. I have CS 5 but don't care to get new packages. The 2nd concern is small fonts on the navigation screen. I was debating about getting update because I am older, but I believe I can used shortcuts to handle this. I am retired now and maybe it just my eyes, but I would like to spend more time with vue. Especially with Plants.

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    Creator License

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jan 2023

    Vue is an excellent product, as it was from the beginning but there are two aspects that might be improved:
    1.) The new user interface is not as nice as the older versions were.
    2.) A lifetime version for hobbyists would be nice (without updates but just that you could buy a license which you can keep for that version - as it was before the subscription model was introduced).

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    Vue Creator

    Posted by Gary S. Kennedy on 4th Dec 2022

    Very good landscape rendering and now with an AMD 12 Core/24 thread CPU, animation is very feasible.

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    Vue Creator

    Posted by Joseph Jackman on 24th Nov 2022

    Since receiving the program and using it for a longer period of time, I think I am more prepared to give my opinion on this version of Vue..
    To lay the background I have been using Vue since 2002 version 4, and have posted over 700 images on the Vue Gallery at Renderosity, so I have been around the program for a while There are certain things I like about it and others I detest.
    I like the fact that the program can now be installed to two computers at the same time.I do not like the fact that too many items require an additional log in to acquire
    Those are my major issues with the program, and that is why I am giving it 4 start instead of 5

    [e-on]Hello Joseph, if you are referring to the extra content, then you can download all content archives in one go from the software center on your account, and install this directly to your collections. If you refer to PlantCatalog assets, then indeed, in Creator, PlantCatalog is an additional addon.

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    easy to work with

    Posted by Aurel Bartha on 8th Oct 2022

    like the organization of the workspace

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    VUE & PlantFactory Creator

    Posted by Ronald on 26th Jul 2022

    being an amateur user for decades now (from version 1 on), I was happy to prolong my subscription with another 5 years. It's still the toolkit with the best features by far.