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    Slow on my computer

    Posted by Shaul Ben-Har on 30th Jun 2020

    Vue is a little bit slow on my computer!

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    Posted by Luke Shedd on 15th Jun 2020

    Beautiful renders of clouds and atmospheres , SLOWEST RENDERER EVER!

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    Posted by Ronald Fowler on 13th Jun 2020

    Great program. So rendering of images.

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    Mon avis sur le logiciel

    Posted by martine aubailly on 30th Apr 2020

    En ce qui concerne le logiciel pour la réalisation de paysage je le trouve très intuitif et assez facile à prendre en main .Il y a moyen de faire des choses à l' infini , seule limitte , l'imagination. En ce qui concerne la version , je me suis basée sur creator dont le prix est attrayant mais mon seul regret est qu'il n' exporte pas en 3D et c'est presque evident comparé au tarif .Le service est à l' écoute , les réponses claires et précises je recommanderais donc ce logiciel à tous ceux qui besoin de produire des paysages pour graphisme.

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    Creator Solution

    Posted by Chuck Sinclair on 23rd Apr 2020

    Love VUE, been using it for years.

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    Great App but ...

    Posted by Yann LANDOT on 21st Apr 2020

    Great rendering of landscapes, perfect to make sceneries.
    But ... at least on mac the UI — while it's a nice clean one unlike some other 3D apps — is a little bit slow since (just my guess; i suppose it may be because it's not build with native apple technologies) and Rendercow crash on all my macs with last OS so i can only render on my iMacPro.
    Also i wish there could be some improvements in the rendering time with faster API like Metal (My Vega card, it seems all the computation are made on the CPU processor, not the GPU).

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    I Really enjoy Vue for Matte Painting

    Posted by remi bouffort on 17th Apr 2020

    I used to work with vue 2014 & 2016 and what i can say about the 2020 version, what a great new perfomance, fantastic new options, five stars software for an affordable price... I just like to thanks e-on for providing this must have for any creator

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    Great but very slow!

    Posted by Shaul Ben-Har on 28th Mar 2020

    I love the software - interface, objects and materials manipulation are great and easy to understand. Rendering capabilities are superb. In my workflow Vue is my favourite 3d tool! But the software is very very slow - even to simply grab the pivot sometimes very difficult! Orbiting camera is also slow. I love Plant Factory too - would love to see more step by step tutorials!

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    Vue Creator 2020

    Posted by Bernie Stafford on 28th Mar 2020

    I have been using Vue since version 4, & the latest version is a quantum leap above 4 in terms of functionality & power.
    Easy to use, flexible, & powerful, it is a superb tool for hobbyist artists such as myself.